Experience the glow with Studio Kinza

Your Premier Destination for Hand-Poured Luxury Candles in Dubai

Unleash the glow with Studio Kinza, where we take pride in crafting exquisite, eco-friendly soy candles in
100% recyclable tins and glass jars. Led by passionate chandler Tahrima, our team is dedicated to delivering
a unique, quality artisan experience that goes beyond your expectations.

1 order=$1 USD DONATED to Solar Aid

Solar can power dreams and create brighter futures
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Private, Public and corporate workshops

Join our hands-on workshops covering candle-making basics. Take home a handcrafted scented candle, and the skills to create your own luminary masterpieces
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What makes us different?

organic soy wax

We take pride in using 100% organic soy wax and premium grade fragrance oils to create unique candles

lighting up homes

With every purchase, we donate $1 USD to Solar Aid, supporting communities without electricity in Africa

Hand poured

Each candle is hand poured. Crafted with precision and care, our candles offer a clean, long-lasting burn