Nature Wax C3

Nature Wax C3

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This soy wax provides great fragrance throw, a smooth finish and a long lasting burn time. Cargill Nature Wax C3 is a 100% soy wax and it is a top choice of premium candle brands and independent candle makers around the world.

Cargill Nature Wax C-3 Soy Wax is an all natural container blender made up of soy and soy based additives. This 100% all natural soy wax is resistant to wet spots and frosting. C-3 is of the more heat resistant and fortified soy flake form waxes. Nature C-3 Wax boasts a more reliable consistency from batch to batch in comparison to other flake form waxes. This enhanced reliability in its texture and viscosity makes C-3 not only a good flake form container wax, but an as excellent choice when being used as a soy additive or better yet the soy base in your custom blend. 

Nature Wax C-3 has good adhesion to containers, has an exceptional scent throw with both fragrances and essential oils, and has a soft creamy white appearance.

C-3 Wax has a maximum fragrance load of between 7-8%.

Please be sure to perform your own tests before creating your candles in bulk as it is your responsibility to ensure the safety and quality of your finished products by all of the conducting the necessary tests.

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